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The everyday life of a medical student (who was born on a Thursday).

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Me spinning my fire staff.

I’m a second year medical student in Missouri and this is my new blog. =) I was, in fact, born on a Thursday, and named for it (I’m Ghanaian-American). I love to write;  it’s been years since I’ve really tackled fiction, but I’ve been journaling (privately) online since I was 13. So instead of waiting for inspiration to strike, I’ve decided to channel my journaling habit into a public  blogging habit, because that forces me to raise my writing standards considerably, and to be conscientious of what I say.

I’m a serial-hobbyist, with a general focus on making things. I crochet, I homebrew (mead), I bake, I cook, and I’m up for trying a variety of other things. I also fire spin (best at staff, very much beginning poi & hoop), which is an incredibly exhilarating, fun hobby (and would be more so if I knew where in the state I could safely and legally actually spin fire instead of just practicing without actually burning).

I have no idea what field of medicine I want to go into yet, but I’ve still got some time to decide! I was a Behavioral Neuroscience major and originally planned to get a Clinical Psychology PhD, so Psychiatry is an option. Psychiatry and Psychology can be very different though, and I’m interested in a variety of fields from Emergency Medicine to Ob/Gyn to Internal Medicine, which is really just another way of saying: I have no idea.


Written by Aba

August 29, 2009 at 2:19 am

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