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And so ends my first year of medical school. This year has gone by quickly, but maybe it’s misleading in that really, it’s been a school year and not an actual year. Medical school has been a great experience so far, though I’m momentarily finding myself balking a bit at the prospect of three more years of school followed by anywhere from 3-7 years of working but really, still being in training (and yes, I realize you never really stop learning). There are some people who love being in school and who love the idea of it, and I’m not really one of them (though I’m not one of those people who hates school either). I am, however, someone who really likes the idea of working. Having a job. Bringing in my own money. Being out in the “real world.” I know this is still the real world too, but… there’s something different about it.

I’ve just come back from my boyfriend’s graduation (which was actually very enjoyable; I’ve been to nearly all my older brothers’ graduations, but I never knew much about what they went through to earn their degrees. This was the first time I’ve gone to the graduation of someone I’ve really watched earn their degree and it adds another measure of significance to all the pomp and circumstance) and being around so many young graduates about to embark on new career adventures has me feeling a tiny bit of envy. No regret, just a little garden variety grass is greener envy.

I have been told that next year will feel less like College 2.0 and more like Medical School, because we will be learning Cool Stuff, Real(er) Medical Type Stuff. And even if it still feels a bit like college, it will only be months away from Third Year, which will be when I really start to understand what exactly I have signed my life up for.

10 months ago (!) I started medical school. Almost exactly 3 years from now, I will be a Doctor of the M.D. variety. I will be 26 years old, but I will probably still look like a college student. Three years sounds like a long time until I realize that I graduated from undergrad two years ago and yet it feels like only a year ago, because this past year really was a whirlwind of shiny newness.


Written by Aba

May 28, 2010 at 3:00 am

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