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Keeping on Track

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The year is 1/3 over, and I think I’ve made decent progress with my new year’s resolution. I still waste too much time online doing nothing in particular, but while I haven’t been able to consistently control that habit, I’ve been able to start new habits which have just very simply meant less time to idly browse. I’ve really kept up my spinning (poi, staff and hoop; right now I just have sock poi, a simple tape and tubing hoop, and a fire staff. I’m hoping to invest in led glow poi and an led glow hoop someday), I’ve recently started doing 10 minutes of yoga every morning, and I even made flossing into a daily habit again! I’ve also been pretty good about writing in my physical journal this year. I started it in 2008 and already this year I’ve written more than in 2008 and 2009 combined.

In terms of school work, I’ve definitely made marked improvements with trying to do a little bit of work every day. Only having one real class this block has really helped with that, though. It makes it easier to clearly identify what I need to focus on. Speaking of focus, that’s still an issue with me. While I’ve done a good job getting into the routine of studying every day, I still really need to work on focusing on what I’m studying, on actively learning instead of passively skimming and only incidentally retaining what I just read. I need to stop being overwhelmed by the dozens of images of the brain and just seriously tackle them one at a time and commit them to memory.

It’s been interesting seeing the drastic improvement in my mood when I have a project of some sort. It can be learning a new staff trick (the Halo Roll! Almost got it. Not sure why it’s named the halo roll though) or trying to figure out how to make mead (it’s still brewing) or reading a new book series. Whatever it is, I really need that specific extra something to keep my mood baseline in the positive range. I think this is why the summer I took General chemistry, the summer I decided to go into medicine, was one of my happier summers. My project was doing well in that class even though I started a week and a half late. It kept me busy for part of the day, and then there was always homework at night. Keeping busy is an incredibly significant part of how I stay happy.

For the past week or two I had hit a low where I rather impressively managed to keep up with my daily goals despite hitting a low in terms of my mood. But I think I’ve begun to pull myself back up and throw myself into new projects. I just had a great weekend where not only was my boyfriend in town, but so were the girlfriends of my two classmates I hang out with the most, and we had a fairly full schedule of group activities. This lead to my slacking a bit on my daily goals, which then lead to my being eager to get back to my daily routine come Monday. Win-Win situation all around. Amazing weekend off = better mood and renewed motivation for my daily life. I can live with that.

It also helps that my boyfriend helped me twist my hair on Friday (every girl should have a boyfriend who happily helps them do their hair) and ever since I’ve been getting compliments from a lot of my classmates! 🙂


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May 5, 2010 at 10:57 am

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