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Once Upon a Med School Musical

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Side Note: If someone could help me figure out why my mother can’t post comments to my blog on her iphone, that would be awesome. She’s tried several times but after she submits, they never go through. 😦

So last week (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), several medical students and a few OT and PT (occupational and physical therapy) students put on a musical, Once Upon a Mattress. For the past few weeks I’d been helping put together the set (I meant to take a picture of it before we took it down but I forgot) and then on the Monday before the show I finally found out that I was, in fact, doing the lights, so from then till Saturday, my nights were spent in the theater first programming the lighting cues and then actually running the cues during the show. And Sunday was strike (taking down the set and getting our stuff out of the next door Pharmacy school’s theater. You heard me correctly. The Pharmacy school has a theater, and they were gracious enough to let us rent it out and use a lot of their equipment and props). So I’ve been busy, but as of tonight I’m mostly caught up with my classes again.

This was my medical school’s fifth student musical, and I hope it stays a tradition. We don’t get much funding, unfortunately, and rely heavily on the ticket sales to fund future performances. Still, a great time was had by all the cast and crew, and we even had many faculty cameos during each show (one involved a doctor dressing in drag, and it was amazing). I think the majority of the medical students involved were first and second years, but one of the main actors was a third year (replacing the original actor who dropped out maybe a month ago) and another was a fourth year.

I didn’t get involved until fairly late in the process (by which I mean, we started working on the sets pretty late), but hopefully next year we’ll start earlier, and I’d like a bigger management type role. I can’t stand being on stage, but I’m still very drawn to theater and the theatrical world. Working on the sets and the lights, being stage manager, those give me ways to be involved and to be important without having to act. I enjoy paving the way for the actors to shine. I like support roles in general.

I did a lot of technical theater in high school and during my first two years of college (I also very nearly majored in Theater), but I stopped after my sophomore year when I decided I was going to be a doctor. I’ve missed it, and this was a nice way of affirming that you know, theater really was a happy part of my life, but I’m okay for having stopped. The five years of my life where it was fairly all consuming, those were good years, and I can live contentedly with my happy memories and minor regret and nostalgia for what I gave up. To some extent, I think theater left a hole in my life, but I’m still optimistic that someday I’ll find my niche in my career and that hole will finally be filled again.


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April 20, 2010 at 2:00 am

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