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Quick Clarification

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Both my mother and my boyfriend have raised concerns about my mentioning skipping class on my blog, so I think it’s worth a quick post explaining what I mean when I say I “skipped class.” Through elementary school, high school, and college, I was never the sort to skip class. This is a new thing for me. I like it now, but it wouldn’t have worked in the past for a variety of reasons.

First, I always mean that I skipped lecture. I do not skip small groups or labs unless they are explicitly mentioned as being purely optional and I’m not interested in the material. Second, the lectures I skip are recorded and available online as videos and mp3s. Third, and most important, I actually watch the videos.

I would say that a solid 1/3, if not half, of my class does not regularly attend lecture. Lecture is not an interactive experience and I’ve found that I get more out of them when I watch them at home on my own time. But medical school is far from all lecture, so there are plenty of hands on/interactive learning experiences that I can and do go to.


Written by Aba

April 9, 2010 at 11:42 am

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