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Sometimes learning is enjoyable

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My Mother (Hi Mommy!) would like me to post more on what I’m learning and some of the littler, daily details of medical school, so I’m going to try to post more often because these sorts of details slip out of my mind very quickly once the day has passed.

My school has an interesting system of extracurricular classes, during out first year, which are semi-mandatory. We’re all required to take 4 of them, 2 of which have to be from the ones that are classified as basic sciences, and 1 from the humanities selection. I’m a little baffled by this, because I don’t think that really controls well for these to be valuable experiences.

Still, I’ve enjoyed most of the ones I’ve taken (I didn’t enjoy one of my basic sciences ones, and the other one I don’t think really deserved to be labeled as a basic science, but I’m really thankful it was), and I’ve taken quite a few more than I needed to. My favorites, I think, have been my Emergency Medicine classes. I took one in the Fall, and I’m taking another now. They’re small classes, 5 lessons of 1hr 45mins each, covering a variety of medical emergencies and how they typically present and how you treat them. I enjoy the format: power point lectures peppered with mini-case studies, by a very engaging EM doctor (I adore Emergency Medicine doctors, by the way; my interactions with them as teachers have all been amazing), and the material is genuinely interesting and someday will be useful. Today we learned about obstetric emergencies, from ectopic pregnancies (which I’ve heard quite a bit about by now; these are when the fertilized egg implants anywhere outside of the uterus. These are, I think, never viable, and are very dangerous as left untreated, they will rupture and cause the mother to internally bleed to death) to molar pregnancies (which I only vaguely maybe knew existed; they’re very weird. It’s essentially the placenta becoming cancerous and taking over the womb, and is incompatible with the growth of a fetus).

So yeah, Emergency Medicine II is fun so far. In EM I we learned about things like trauma, wilderness, cardiovascular, toxic, and pediatric emergencies. This time we’ll also be covering abdominal, endocrine, ophthalmic, and some more environmental emergencies.

After my class I idled around for a bit and then went to a free dinner talk sponsored by a student group that endorses a more muted Pharmaceutical advertising presence. Delicious Thai Food, and an actually interesting lecture on conflicts of interests. It’s kind of ridiculous the lengths Pharma reps can and do go through in orders win doctors over. Advertising in general is something that bewilders me a bit. Such a huge industry and so much money involved, but I guess it works, it’s here to stay, and it’s very profitable. I mean, look at Google.


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April 7, 2010 at 12:28 am

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