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Thinking Ahead

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I went to a career talk about Psychiatry today (only 3 students, including me, showed up; there was another talk with free lunch at the same time). It was actually kind of comforting and I feel better about the fact that psychiatry has been on my mind lately.

It’s kind of early to be thinking about a specialty, but it’s also not. It’s early to be sure, but I think it’s healthy to start thinking about it, because there are things I can choose to do or not do now that could effect my chances later. If I knew for sure that I wanted to go into Radiology or Ophthalmology, for example, then I’d definitely be looking for research to do this summer. Instead, I’m still in flux about what I want to be doing. I’m waiting to hear back if I got funding to go back to Ghana for the summer; if that doesn’t go through, I might consider a paid shadowing preceptorship in US for 4-6 weeks, or as a back-up back-up, research. I’m planning on spending at least 2 weeks in Ghana and another 2 in Turkey though, which leaves me at max, 7 weeks for research).

One of the more interesting things about the panel, was listening to all these happy psychiatrists talk about the decision process they went through before they decided on Psychiatry. Most of them thought they would do something else, Neurology in the case of 2 of them, or something with Surgery in the case of 2 others. One in particular phrased it in a way I could see myself saying someday. He thought he’d go into Cardiology or something surgical or with procedures, because he liked to work with his hands and he’d done a lot of Cardiology research, but then he did his Psychiatry rotation and he loved it and he loves his job, and as for the working with his hands, there’s always hobbies and things around the house he can do to fulfill that. Yes! Hobbies! Things around the house! I like those!

In other news, normally on Monday we have Histology Lecture, followed by Histology lab. Well, today, we got an email in the morning saying it was all lecture and no lab, so I had an extra two hours at home before heading to school. I was torn between going to the free lunch or the psychiatry talk, because I was out of easily packable food for lunch, so I used my extra time to make some rice and bake some salmon, and I made salmon filled onigiri. Japanese food, American-Ghanaian style. My roommate made some about a week ago, reminding me that I’ve been meaning to try making these for a while now, and I conveniently had salmon in the freezer.

There were three more, which I packed for lunch, and these got cling wrapped and put in a ziplock in the freezer for some later day when I need to pack a quick lunch. I used sushi rice, cooked with salt, butter & some chicken stock powder, and a salmon filet seasoned with olive oil, onion powder, butter, garlic, turmeric, chicken stock powder and maybe something else. Only thing I think I’d change for next time is to put more furikake on the finished balls (sesame seed, seaweed, sugar and salt). And maybe add a bit of heat.

My niece/god daughter got the blanket I crocheted for her! Isn’t she adorable? Next crochet project, as soon as I get around to buying the yarn, is a blanket for my high school best friend’s daughter (8 weeks till she’s due!). Having something to crochet is always great for paying attention to lectures. Keeps me busy at a low enough level that I actually listen. Not taking just doesn’t work too well for me as a standard thing and I don’t think I’m willing to work on making it a habit at this point.


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March 8, 2010 at 6:53 pm

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  1. SUCH A CUTE BABY!!!! you parents must be SOO HAPPY to have a granddaughter! wow! cute!!!! what did you look like as a kid?


    March 8, 2010 at 8:35 pm

    • =D They are very happy. I was a cute baby too. I might have pictures somewhere…


      March 9, 2010 at 12:01 am

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