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I had an amazing lecturer in my biochemistry class yesterday (he also apparently taught the class before this past one, but I was not there).

Honestly, I think I’d forgotten what it was like to truly enjoy a lecture class. I’ve liked lecture classes and I’ve had a good time in them before. But to enjoy the class and actually learn the material at the same time? In a class whose material I don’t like to begin with? Essentially unheard of.

I kind of want this guy to teach all of medical school.

This is not to say that my other lecturers are bad. No, not at all. Many of them are very good (some even great), most of them are good, and even my least favorite ones are generally adequate.

But excellent? No, that is rare. Excellence in general is rare.

Why do I love this lecturer? It’s not simply that he was entertaining. If he was entertaining but at the end of the lecture I was still completely at a loss to what he was talking about, then he was not even really a good lecturer. The reason I’m so impressed is that I all but hate biochemistry so far. There’s all these little details and pathways that I’ve been having trouble grasping. And yet he managed to explain some biochemistry pathways in a way that even though I had not looked at the material before the class, and I have still not looked at it, I actually remember a good deal of it.

I am reminded why lectures exist at all.


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December 2, 2009 at 2:15 pm

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