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Unexpected dislike of class

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I really thought I would love our Practice of Medicine class, but so far I’ve been seriously underwhelmed. I used to think badly of people who complained about these classes in medical school, and yet now that I’m here, I find myself thinking many of the same thoughts.

It moves too slowly for my liking. Too much talking at us. Too much forcing us to talk when we clearly aren’t wanting to.  We had a nice short lecture by an ER doctor which was great, followed by a fun hands on “here’s how you find a pulse and take blood pressure” small group workshop, and I wish there was more of that. Maybe there will be more of that and the first few classes were an anomaly.

I like the teachers but I’m really not liking the class and I honestly want to figure out why because I do think this stuff is important. I don’t think it’s the actual material that I have a problem with;  something’s wrong with the delivery.

Maybe it’s a problem of our generation. Maybe we just need to accept that learning isn’t fun and it’s a necessary evil and we just need to bear through it and pass our tests. Maybe the reason why all these curriculum reforms aren’t seeming to do much is because there isn’t much to be done.

I’m not convinced yet. I do believe that we’re spoiled, but I also believe that there’s better ways to teach people than pointing at a power point presentation with a laser pointer and droning on about statistical methods (and every now and then making us answer a question with a clicker). I’m just not sure what it is. Teaching isn’t quite my area (and is potentially not quite the area of the people who are teaching me either).


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September 3, 2009 at 12:47 am

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