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Staying well rounded

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Neil Gaiman is not only one of my favorite authors, he’s one of the few “celebrities” whom I find myself deeply interested in. I read his online journal (took a break for a few years but started reading it when I was in high school) and I follow him on twitter.

Today he posted a link to an article on his library. So many books! I really want a library like that someday. I’m in the general habit of buying books because I like owning books, and I want to own lots and lots of books. But… I don’t have time to read that much anymore, do I?

I’ve always been interested in medicine and until 2006, I had many reasons why I wasn’t going to pursue a career in medicine.  It would be too hard, I wouldn’t have time for a family, or (more important to me back then) I wouldn’t have time to write, or to do theater (I do, or rather used to do, technical theater; mainly lights, set building, and stage managing).

And so here I am, in medical school, and those thoughts return every so often. There’s so much I want to do beyond pursuing this medical career and I’m at a loss as to how to prioritize everything.  In fact, I’m bewildered by the concept of prioritizing because it’s still sinking in that I really can’t do everything I want to do. There’s only so many books I can read, new crafts I can learn, languages I can develop a relative grasp of, video games I can play, movies and tv shows I can watch. I refuse to give up on completely on a life beyond medicine, but I need to balance that with a responsible dedication to my education.

So far my classmates and I are all the well rounded yet highly intelligent individuals who were accepted by the admissions committee. It will be interesting to watch us over the year, to see what happens to the ones who drop their hobbies and those who maintain their old (and even pick up some new). I suppose there are those for whom a life swallowed by their career is still a fulfilling one, but I don’t think I’m one of those people. I hope that’s not incompatible with medicine being the right career for me.


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September 3, 2009 at 9:59 pm

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